12 Grooming products every man should have!

12 Grooming products every man should have!

If you are a man who still uses a disposable razor and one of the old after-shave creams, it’s time to change. The contemporary man is concerned about his skin, and it doesn’t mind spending a few extra minutes in the bathroom in the morning. Of course, you will still need a lot less products that your female counterparts, but some are just essentials that you cannot miss. This post is about the grooming products every man should have.

    1. A good facial cleanser. Okay, you may not know the difference between face wash and a cleanser, but practically both do the same job. Cleansers are better if you have dry or sensitive skin. Also, for those who want to avoid soap, go for a soap-free face wash. Ideally, every person, regardless of gender, should wash his face twice a day, preferably with a mild and organic cleanser.
    1. A lip balm. Don’t exaggerate your reaction, but a lip balm is a must for every man. You need one that’s not tinted, designed specifically for men, and has SPF of at least 15. Keep in mind that maintaining those kissable lips is not mandatory for women alone. It’s not essential to reapply time and again, but maybe once or twice in a day is good enough.

    1. A sunscreen. Another must-have for every man, a sunscreen can the way you treat your skin. Go for a product that has SPF of at least 50 and PA+++ protection. Sunscreen is not meant for the sunny days alone – UV rays can damage the skin even in winters. Make sure that you are using a non-greasy formula.
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  1. A razor with effective blades. Coming to more mainstream manly products, a good razor is a must. You need one that comes with at least 3-blade setup for the closest shave. Disposable razors are not bad, but go for something that can be reused again, because you may just save some money.
  2. An awesome trimmer. A beard trimmer is one of the many grooming essentials for men. Easy to use and carry around, trimmers can be corded or cordless. You will also find many settings and brands worth selecting from. In case of trimmers, we recommend that you go for a good and known brand that offers at least a year of warranty on the product.
  3. A light moisturizer. Your skin needs care, regardless of age and other factors. If you are always busy, consider using a moisturizer right in the morning. Also, get one with SPF, so that you can avoid using and stocking two different products. Some brands make exclusive moisturizers for men, so you don’t have to bother about the feminine scents.
  4. A face scrubbing product. Some facial cleansers do have scrubbing particles in them, which are great for daily use, but ideally, it’s best to have a scrub handy. If you have acne-prone skin, select a product that’s mild and designed for sensitive skin. Scrubs are not meant for regular use, so you don’t need more than 10 minutes on a Sunday.
  5. A quality shaving cream. You probably have one already, but we had to include it on our list. Shaving creams come in all sorts of scents, so finding one for your liking isn’t the hard thing. However, always go for a brand you can rely on, and if possible, stick to natural and organic skincare items.
  6. Post-shave balms. Back a few years, we had after-shave lotions which would often irritate the skin. Now, you have ones that promise to soothe the skin and take care of the post-shave woes. Brands like Nivea have launched some really cool products, which are also affordable at the same time.
  7. A number of shower gels. You have more shower gels for men today than ever before. Musky fragrances, special collections and more – it’s just not enough to have one. In case of shower gels, always go for products that don’t contain soap or are meant to be moisturizing for the skin, specially if you are someone who doesn’t use a body butter.
  8. A roll-on deodorant. You may have the best perfumes in your stash, but a roll-on deodorant makes a huge difference when you are on the go. Go for one that’s light on the skin and has a fragrance that matches your personality. Also, do consider a product that offers 24-hour odor protection.
  9. Face mists. The metrosexual man loves to pamper himself with good products, and on a hot summer day, what more would you need than a relaxing face mist? Face mists can be made at home, but if you don’t want to put all that effort, just get an organic one. These are super easy to use – just spray a couple of pumps whenever you need some extra energy.
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We understand that not all men are willing to spend an hour for grooming each day, and it’s completely okay. What you can do is get products that have a double use. For example, if you get a shaving kit, you will get everything from the razor, blades and brush to the after-shave lotion and shaving cream. As mentioned, you can double up the moisturizer as a sunscreen. Don’t have time or energy to scrub your face? Get a cleanser with tiny particles for regular scrubbing. Please note that most of the products on our list are essentials – some men even use more. We also highly recommend that you follow skincare routine – including a night cream, a toner and a good hydrator. Face masks and sheets can be used from time to time, as well.

As for buying grooming products, online stores are always your best bet, and you can find more brands and products on sale. Please check the reviews, features and other details before you get electronic products, and do check the warranty, as well. We also recommend comparing a few products, such as trimmers, to get a good idea of what works for your needs. Make a checklist and start shopping!

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