best home shredder : Quick Guide guide
best home shredder

best home shredder : Quick Guide guide

Despite the obvious transition to digitization, we still need to stock papers at home and rely on traditional documentation. Expectedly, we end up saving considerable volume of papers and documents at home, and it is also not surprising that best home shredder is one of the essential things that people need. Paper shredders, as the name indicates, shreds paper into pieces, so that information and material intended to be destroyed cannot be retrieved again.

If you check the market for options, you will find shredders that are designed specifically for home and office use. Since the choices are many, we have simplified things in this guide to find the best home shredder.

Distinguishing the types of best home shredder

The purpose of the shredder is the first aspect of classification. Check if the product is designed for home, office or industrial use. There are two important elements that matter here.

  • Shredding capacity. The number of papers that can be shredded in one go defines the shredding capacity of the product. For home needs, you don’t need something that’s too expensive or cumbersome.
  • This refers to the speed at which the shredder works, and this for home products can be really less, which is fine because it is unlikely that you would be in a rush.

Types of cut

Home shredders are also classified based on the cut. There are four major choices in this, which also defines the price you pay.

  1. Strip cut shredders. The basic home shredder is this one, which actually cuts the documents into thin strips. This is also the cheapest of the lot, and for most homeowners, strip-cut shredders should be enough.
  2. Cross cut shredders. If you are considering better kind of shredding, this is what you would need. Cross-cut shredders cut the paper in two directions, which reduces further possibility of retrieving the information.
  3. Micro cut shredders. Much like cross-cut shredders, these work in a similar way, but the process is even more thorough. Eventually what you end up with are diamond-cut paper bits, which cannot be used for any negative purpose.
  4. Crypto cut shredders. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these shredders turn paper into almost dust and are the best of the lot.

Reviewing top three best home shredders

1. Bonsaii EverShred Pro 6 home shredder


best home shredder

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Priced at $200, you can always get this one on discount. It can work for 60 minutes at a stretch and can  shred up to 6 pages. This is a micro-cut shredder, which can also shred CDs, clips, staples, credit cards and more. What’s even better is the low shredding speed, and it comes with a jam protection system and a pull-out wastebasket. There is also a mini basket for credit card shred disposal. If you are looking for the best home shredder that offers best duty for a longer period, this product is an investment.

2. 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

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Priced at less than $50, this is what a compact shredder looks like, with incredible features. This is a cross-cut shredder that can shred up to 8 sheets with run time of about 3 minutes. There’s also a unique indicator for overheating. Backed by warranty of one year, this AmazonBasics product has a see-through bin, which allows easy emptying. Perfect for home needs.

3. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Shredder

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Priced at tad over $500, this Fellowes product stands for quality and can aptly fit the needs of homes and offices. It can shred 18 sheets of paper at a time and can also work with CDs, credit cards, junk mail, staples and paper clips. There’s also a 100% Jam Proof System, which is a big plus. The wastebasket is huge at 9-gallons and comes with an indicator.

Decide on your needs, find more on the product, and check the reviews and features before taking a call on home shredders. The best ones are always easy to use and offers incredible performance for at least four to five years.

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Reviewing the choices for best home shredder

Home shredders are not meant for heavy duty – Period. However, just because you are buying something for your home doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the features. The final choice largely depends on what you are looking for, but below are some of the features worth expecting in the best home shredder.

  • Effective shredding. There are two reasons why people buy shredders for home – to prevent identity theft and to prevent misuse of information. You would want the shredding to be as effective that the material cannot be retrieved. The best choice is a crosscut paper shredder.
  • Jam-free operations. Most shredder users have complaints about a jammed product, and even the best ones are prone to jamming. When you check for reviews online, always find what other users have to say about the product.
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to spend massively on maintenance, repairs and cleanups of shredders. The ones meant for home use don’t cost more than $100 at best, and for that alone, replacement may make more sense.
  • Paper shredders, regardless of the brand, usually have a warranty of one year, which can be extended with certain products.
  • Safety features. Curious kids, naughty pets and unaware users may end up getting injured while messing with the product, so safety is an aspect not worth discounting. Check if everything is nicely tucked in and the switches are not in plain sight.
  • Type of bin. Some shredders sit on the bin bucket, others may have a pullout drawer. In any case, emptying the bin should be an easy task.
  • Types of materials that can be shredded. In case of paper shredders, the kind of materials that can be shredded is also important. Pick up a product that can shred papers with different thickness and can also shred credit cards and CDs.

Some of the modern paper shredders have further indicators and features, which can tell you when to empty the bin or if the product is jammed.

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