Best Corded Electric Lawn mowers Reviews 2018


Your garden is your pride. By mowing the lawns, by caring the flower beds and nourishing the trees with fertilizers and water- you like many others create your Eden. When it comes to buying a mower, many get stuck in a constant dilemma as often it becomes difficult for them to take a final decision to choose the most sought after mower for their gardens.

If you start researching, you’ll be introduced with a wide array of mowers of different mechanisms, built, brand name and so on. If there are electrical mowers you would like to buy, some will refer you to buy a mower run by gasoline. If you decide to buy a cordless electric lawn mower, some will suggest you go for a corded one. Again, you have to consider the features, weight, the comfort of mowing per your body strength etc.

We’re not here to confuse you with our introduction; in fact, we aim to share a buying guide for the perfect corded electric lawn mower you would like to add in your gardening arsenal—

What are the benefits of buying a corded electric lawn mower?

An electric lawn mower is always a better option than buying a mower run by gasoline. So far many experts have reviewed several electric lawn mowers with sufficient data for supporting the idea of the dependencies of the lawn mowers run the electricity. Here are some benefits—

A less noisy option

In comparison to the gas lawn mowers, the electrical mowers produce less noise. Instead of buying a noisy gas lawn mower that produce the noise of 95 dB similar to that of a jackhammer while an electric lawn mower produces around 35 dB noise. So, don’t spoil the Sunday morning sleep of your neighbors by turning on the noisy gas lawn mowers. Use an electrical mower creating negligible noise. You don’t have to use earplugs or headphone either when using the corded or cordless electric mower.

Corded lawn mowers are eco-friendly & affordable

Unlike the gas-powered engines, the corded electrical lawn mowers don’t emit the harmful carbon-di-oxide. Don’t go for the air polluters when you have the smooth and less noisy electrical mowers that are run on emission-free power. You can do an immense favor to protect your environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

The corded lawn mowers, on the other hand, are more affordable in comparison to the gas-powered lawn mowers. Spend only twenty dollars on the power bill by running the electrical device. Why should you keep spending hundreds of dollars for buying the gasoline for running the mowers? Save your hard earned money and protect the environment as well.

A battery-free and light-weight device

Though the majority of buyers show interest in choosing the cordless mowers for maneuvering their gardens, but honestly, the corded electric lawn mowers are masterpieces. Most buyers miss out the cool features of the corded devices such as lightweight for being battery-free. If you want a non-robust and light weighted and battery-free mower, then corded mowers powered by electricity is the machine you need for shaping up the lawns.

Stay out of charging hassles

With a corded garden mower, you can easily plug-in and start mowing the grasses easily. If you want to reduce the hassles of charging the mowers before tripping the weeds and grasses in your lawn, buy the corded electric mower. It’s ideal for a garden or lawn with less obstruction. Usually, corded mowers range from 14-20”.

Few things to consider when buying the electrical corded mower—

The total area of your patch

Yu should take the exact measurements of your patch before shopping the mower. Considering the total area covered, the salesperson can suggest you a couple of electrical mowers. Rest you have to take the final decision of purchase after considering the rates, features and durability.

Select the types of mower

You must research well before buying a mower. As already mentioned that most people are using the electrical products over the gasoline-running machines for the zero-hazards and affordable features, you also have to take the decision of buying a corded or a cordless mower. For a smaller lawn with zero distractions- buying a corded mower is the perfect idea. Moreover, it’s lighter and space-saving.

Select a reputed brand

There are premium brands manufacturing fine quality mowers. Pick the best corded electric lawn mower for your lawn efficient in trimming the arrogant grasses such as Bermuda grass or the St Augustine. Before springs, always mow the gardens to reduce the weeds and unwanted grass. In fact, it’s also necessary to protect the existing plants and trees.

Some popular products are –

  1. Handy hand pusher mower
  2. Flymo Electric Glider 330
  3. Flymo Electric Micro Lite Hover
  4. Greenworks

Stick to your budget

You should stick to your budget while shopping the electric mower for maintaining the patch. Along with watching the features as well as the efficiency of the mower, you should check the price of the products.

Use of corded electric mower

  1. Use a trusted plug point before connecting the grass mower with it. Earthing helps in reducing electrical accidents.
  2. The lands shouldn’t be wet or muddy.
  3. Don’t let the mower touch water or moisture laden grounds ever.
  4. Don’t step on the wires.
  5. Use the exact extension cord.
  6. Ideal for the gardens or laws with less distraction.

Height and other features

You should choose the mower considering the height of yours. Make sure that the corded electric mower is efficient in adjusting the heights for ensuring the ease of the user and for better mowing.

Grass management options

Finally, choose an ideal mower for the grass management. There are several corded mowers with an attached bag. While mowing it collects the grass in the bag and stores it for mulching. If you’re a passionate gardener, you’ll understand the value of mulching. Instead of just cutting off the unwanted grass to a side, you should collect the bags of grasses for mulching.

So, by incorporating these ideas, you can buy the best corded electric lawn mower.


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