Best Hand Mixers – Buying guides for hand mixer In 2020
best hand mixers

Best Hand Mixers – Buying guides for hand mixer In 2020

If you are someone who enjoys cooking and spends most of your time in kitchen, then best hand mixers is an essential tool for your kitchen. A hand mixer makes your work hundred times easier especially when you want to make that perfect dough for a pizza base or fluff up the eggs for an excellent omelet or even sugar up the cookies.

You would be amazed to see how much time a hand mixer can help you save and the excellent finishing. With accessories like whisk and mix, a hand mixer comes with lot of options. However, if you are out to purchase a hand mixer for the first time, then there are various things you would want to consider. Choosing the right hand mixer can be tough with the numerous types out there. This is why a buying guide for hand mixer would help you in selecting the best for your kitchen and for you.
best hand mixed
So many hand mixers available in the market, it can be really confusing to choose the best one amongst all of them. So today we will help you out with this confusion and talk about it. Here are the top 6 best hand mixers that you can buy in 2020. Make sure to check the full list.

Top 6 hand mixers to buy in 2020

#1. Black+Decker MX600T Helix Performanc mixer

best hand mixer


The Helix hand mixer is a really great and affordable gadget that you can get for less than $30. The beaters have been specially designed to provide 2x mixing performance than other products. The new improved design helps to provide faster and more efficient overlap that leads to good mixing of the doughs and batters every time.

The revamped surface area provides better control of the mixing and increased contact with the available ingredients. The set comes with two helix beaters and two hooks for the dough. The beaters are made of nylon that deliver unmatchable strength and durability to it. Speed control with 5 Speeds + Turbo Boost feature allows you to get the best mixing consistency.

The Black+Decker MX600T is available in 8 colours.
best hand mixers


#2. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixers with Snap-On Case

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One of the best rated hand mixer of 2020, the Hamilton Beach hand mixer comes with 6 different speed control that includes slow to quick burst mode settings. You will be able to adjust the mixer according to the recipe you are planning to make.

The versatile attachment of the mixer offers more convenience while working. This mixer deploys a power of 275 watts and that is enough to handle all of your baking needs. The ergonomic build quality and the use of durable materials provide you a long term performance. The additional bowl rest ensures that the drips do not mess up the area where you are using it.

#3. KitchenAid KHM7210CU 7-Speed Digital best Hand Mixers with Turbo Beater

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Available in 7 different colours, the KitchenAid KHM7210CU hand mixer is available for around $70. This mixer has a soft start feature that helps to control the speed of the beaters according to the ingredients you are using. It also helps to prevent splattering of the dough, as it starts slow and then picks up pace.

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The lockable swivel cord can be locked to any one of the sides which will allow you to put in the ingredients from different angles. The mixer has a solid and robust design, with steel finish that gives a premium makeover to it. The stainless steel beaters offer better strength and durability to the users over a long period of time.

#4. Breville BHM800SILUSC BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

best hand mier


A bit more expensive than most other hand mixers in the marker, the Breville hand mixer is available for $130. The sleek and appealing design of the hand mixer allows you ro proudly flex the product in your kitchen. The IQ intuitive Beater interface helps to detect the kind of attachments you are using.

The 240 watt powerful DC motor will ensure that the entire process is done quietly without making too much of noise, which others does. The build quality of the hand mixer really is worth a mention. It promises a great amount of strength and durability to the users. The scraper beats helps to mix the edges of the bowl without clanging when you want to bake. This hand mixer also has a mixing light for better visibility while whisking the ingredients. The mixer has a safe storage chamber that helps you to store the wire and the beaters without hassles.

#5.Black & Decker MX3000W 250-Watt Hand Mixer

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buy-now-buttonYou’ll be surprised to know that you will need to pay only a $14 to get your hands on this hand mixer. It is the most affordable hand mixer that we have mentioned in this list. The beaters of the mixer are durable anf can be used to make different batters, sauces and also doughs.

The removable stainless steel body construction allows you to wash it in the dishwasher. So you must be happy knowing that this device can now be cleaned in the dishwasher. 5 Speeds + Power Boost system gives an edge over other mixers in the market. Due to the amazing speed control, you can adjust the power according to the recipe you are going to cook. This lightweight Black+Decker hand mixer has also been equipped with soft and comfortable grippers that offer more stability when you are using the mixer continually. The ergonomic grip is a really welcome feature now.

#6. Hand Mixer Electric, Cusinaid 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Best Hand Mixer


The Cusinaid hand mixer is a device that you would love to use on a daily basis because of a great level of performance that you have never seen before. The 5 different Variable Speed Settings and the inclusion of the Extra Turbo Button makes sure that you are whisking and beating the dough and ingredients properly.

The 250 watts of motor speed gives you enough power to whisk, mix and knead your ingredients flawlessly. We were really impressed with the One Button Eject Design they ensures safe dismantling of the beaters once you are finished using the device. The ergonomic curved handle allows you to hold the device with a better grip, thus offering a more convenient usage experience all the time.


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If you have read the blog till this point, then you are now aware of the top 6 best hand mixers that are available in the market in 2020. We have carefully tested and reviewed the products and only then decided to include them in the list. All these gadgets, as we believe, are the best value for money products which you can invest in.

Buying Guide for best Hand mixers

Base of the hand mixer

It can become extremely frustrating if your hand mixer does not stay put when you keep it down or keeps on toppling over when not in use. This happens often in cases where the base is too small. Make sure that when you buy a hand mixer, the base is of the right size and does not have any particular designs such as rounding’s towards the base or even crazy curves. Test out the stability of your hand mixer before purchasing it. You also need to make sure that the cord of the hand mixer does not interfere with its standing position.

Shape of beaters

You might find beaters out there that looks unique in design and shape. However, it necessarily does not need to give the timely result and be more time consuming. A good quality hand mixer comes with good quality simple shaped beaters that would help in speed up your process of whisking, mixing and beating. A beater attachment can just make you hate or love the product.  Choose the one that can help you speed up your work and do things quickly.

Weight of the hand mixer

Most of the hand mixer’s come with compact sizes and sleek designs. While a light weight hand mixer might sound ideal, it would just be a bad purchase as it would just keep on falling over. Can you just imagine the mess that you would make, if the handles contain the batter and the mixer fall over? The ideal weight of a hand mixer is around 680 grams with no attachments. Since most of the time the weight of the product is not mentioned in the box, it would be best to scale it before you buy it.


A hand mixer has various functions. However, some might be in need of certain functions while some might just be extra’s. The main functions you need to consider while purchasing a hand mixer include:

  • Speed: Hand mixers usually come with a variety of speed to choose from. If you want to mix dry ingredients as well using your hand mixer, a one that has slow speed settings would be helpful. Some hand mixers come with turbo speed options as well, and these can be absolutely unnecessary unless you are a professional doing large amounts of baking and mixing.
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  • Attachments: If you plan to use your hand mixer for various purposes, then you would need different types of attachments as well. Choose a mixer that comes with varieties of attachments such as dough hook, whisk and spatula. You can also choose attachments that come with protective silicone covering in order to avoid scratch marks on your mixing bowls.

Watts of the best hand mixer

The watts of your hand mixer can determine the power at which it works. While most of you might just need a basic hand mixer, if you are planning to do large amounts of baking in short spans of time, then you would probably need a powerful hand mixer. A basic hand mixer starts around 150 watts and a powerful one goes more than 400 watts. However, a hand mixer with 350 watts should be ideal in most cases for a good baking and whipping session.


There are many brands out there that sell hand mixers at various price ranges and with exciting features. Make sure you don’t get pulled into the design trap and keep an eye out for just the essential features you might need. If you look just at the designs or extra features, you sure are paying extra.  At the same time don’t go for products that are too cheap as well as it might affect the quality of the product tremendously.  Make sure to be careful when you invest in such kitchen technologies.

Special features to consider when buying best hand mixers

As mentioned some hand mixers come with additional special features. So what all features can be considered? You might want to keep these in mind:

  • Sound: Most of the models out there make an awful lot of noise while whisking. This can be a major inconvenience if you have small kids at home who can also tend to be light sleepers. In such case, you can always opt for a model that comes with zero or less sound. However, make sure to test it out before you purchase.


  • Handle: If you plan on doing hours long of baking, then you would have large quantity to whisk and mix as well. It is in such situation that you need to make sure that the handle of your mixer has an ergonomic design. Easy to hold designs with non-slip features work best in these cases.


  • Space saving: If you have a small storage space, then you would possibly want to look for a hand mixer that is smaller in size or has retractable cord so that it won’t consume up too much space. Avoid the ones with fancy awkward shapes as this would be tough to stack and store in your closest easily and might consume unwanted extra space.

Now that you are thorough with the buying guide for hand mixers, use these points and grab the best hand mixer that suit your needs.

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