Buying Guide : Best Nose hair Trimmer to buy in 2019 nose hair trimmer Reviews

Buying Guide : Best Nose hair Trimmer to buy in 2019 nose hair trimmer Reviews

Nose hair Trimmer Reviews – Products we usually don’t talk about 

Nose hair Trimmers and Ear hair Trimmers – not exactly devices we usually talk about with our friends. We do talk about the latest flatscreen TV, the new car we bought, or many other gadgets we use to make our lifes more exciting or easier.A nose hair trimmer is definitely something more personal and intimate to a certain degree. My website puts all the fluff and puff aside and all it has to offer is plain and honest information about nose hair trimmers. I am going to write about nose hair trimmers, provide product reviews, and other information that is usually only shared between guys.

When it comes to choosing a nose hair clipper, it really comes down to three criteria:  price, durability, and function.  You want a clipper that isn’t outrageously priced because – let’s face it – trimming your nose hair isn’t something you want to spend a lot of money on, right?  It’s something that must be done, but regular clipping isn’t so necessary that a tool to get the job done should set you back enough to worry over.

Even though a quality electric hair clipper is relatively inexpensive, you want one that will last.  Your nose hair isn’t going to stop growing, after all, so you need a tool that you can use every week and trust that it will work well.  You also want a trimmer that you can clean with water without worrying about harming its performance over the years.  In this regard, not all hair clippers are the same, as you will see.

Finally, you need a nose hair tool that will clip the hairs without nicking your skin or causing any discomfort inside your nose by causing ingrown hairs or by pulling the hair out instead of cutting it cleanly.  Here again, not all clippers are equal.  Blade speed matters, as well as the skin guard system employed by the various makes and models.  This functional aspect is ultimately the most important criterion when making your decision on which clipper deserves to be purchased.

Cordless Nose Ear Facial Hair Trimmer Set 

If you have an unsightly hair in your nose it is just easy for you to trim it with the use of Cordless Nose Ear Facial Hair Trimmer Set. This is a hair nose trimmer that can effectively remove the excess hair in your nose. It will work efficiently for you compared to tweezers.

It is a professional personal saver with lightweight design, which you can easily carry and bring it anywhere and everywhere you want to go. It has a cute brush that aids you in removing the discarded hair in your trimmer. You can wet and rinse the brush until dried. It is a hair nose trimmer that is curved and hypoallergenic that is made of stainless steel blade. It effectively removes your excess hair in your nose and it has a high security provided By the Rotary blade system with a circular blade action that effectively trims the excess hair to your nose. The safety cone head guides the hair into the blade and protects the skin from direct contact with the trimmer. It is 100 percent brand new which assures you that it will work well for you. The smooth motor offers you a quick and painless movement which makes it comfortable for you to use it.

Storage of it is so simple for you because it has a clear cap to protect the blade when you are not using it. The rubber sliding on and off switch makes it easier for you to use this trimmer. The trimmer has a comfortable and safe grip and cordless operation. It is powered by 1AA battery which is not included in the package. It is a device that is low powered consumption. It measures 130mm length x 35mm width x 24mm height and its weight is 40 g. You have to be certain that when you use this battery operated trimmer, it should be fully charged to avoid any harm to your nose.

It is the most effective trimmer that you can use to get rid of your unwanted hair. Using this efficient nose hair trimmer is safe for you to use without hurting and scarring yourself. With Cordless Nose Ear Facial Hair Trimmer Set you will no longer experience nuisance with your unnecessary hair. You will do away with the conventional way and the painful plucking of your hair from your nose!


Below you will find reviews of five top-selling nose hair clipper models.  We hope they will help make your shopping and selection of the best nose hair trimmer possible that much easier.

1 Mangroomer Essential Ear & Nose Hair Clipper

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The Mangroomer Essential can be used to clip both ear and nose hair.  It has a classic design and was easy to hold onto and change positions, even when wet.  This is a wet-or-dry hair clipper, and functioned well in both scenarios during our testing.  At $15-$20, this is a reasonably priced trimmer from a manufacturer that specializes in removal of unwanted body hair.  Its durability was tested by dropping from nose height to the bathroom sink several times.  The clipper did not show any signs of damage and continued to function properly.  Battery life (AA) was average.  Blade speed was a bit inconsistent, depending on the length of sustained use, but this is expected with a modestly priced, battery-operated nose hair clipper.  The skin guard worked well, with no pulled or ingrown hairs after use of this basic trimmer.


2 Groom Mate Platinum XL Ear & Nose Hair Clipper

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The Groom Mate Platinum XL is a rare find.  Most nose hair clippers are electric (battery-operated or rechargeable), but the Platinum XL is a two-handed crank trimmer.  We were intrigued by this seemingly odd design, so we had to try it out.  Let’s say we were very pleasantly surprised.  Using both hands takes just a bit of practice, but the clipper is small and easy to manipulate.  One hand holds the cutting end in place inside your nose or ear, and the other turns the base to activate the blades.  The entire clipper is made of stainless steel and the rotary blades are guaranteed to stay sharp forever.  It is nicely priced at $20-$30.  Because there are no batteries required, this ear and nose hair clipper is much smaller than others, which makes it ideal for carrying on your person in everyday settings.  It is also a very durable trimmer – virtually indestructible in any realistic situation.  We worried that not having a motor to turn the blades would lead to pulling hairs and skin nicks, but the action was dependably smooth and no such accidents occurred.


3 Remington NE3845A Nose/Ear Hair Clipper

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The Remington NE3845A is, unfortunately, a nose hair clipper that proves the saying, ‘You get what you pay for.’  At $7-$10, this trimmer is one of the least expensive clippers on the market.  But it’s clear why it costs so little from the moment you first hold and use it.  This trimmer feels cheaply made and produces noticeably lower power.  The results were predictably poor.  It took longer to do the clipping and there were a couple of hair-pulling occurrences.  This was with a brand new clipper, so we can only assume it’s all downhill from there as this model ages.  To be fair, it does get the job done.  It’s just not a very good job, and it can be a bit painful for your nose.  The problem seems to be an underpowered motor, which does not rotate the blades fast enough to produce consistent cutting power.  The Remington NE-300 also failed our durability test, with the body casing cracking on the second drop to the bathroom sink basin from nose height.  The hair clipper we tested still operates, but for how much longer?


4 Wahl Rechargeable Ear/Brow/Nose Hair Clipper

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The Wahl Rechargeable clipper is an excellent choice, if you don’t mind spending a bit more ($25-$30).  It comes in a kit, complete with recharger, cord, various attachments, trimmer blade oil, combs, and a storage case – so it’s actually a nice price for all you get.  The clipper itself is top-notch.  Most rechargeable nose hair clippers provide more power to the cutting blades, but this Wahl model is one of the most powerful we’ve ever tried.  You can trim your nose, ears, and eyebrows in the time it takes a battery-operated hair clipper to do just your nose hairs.  Add the fact that the Wahl recharges very quickly, and you have a very nice trimmer that should be the last one you ever need to buy.  In terms of its durability, it withstood repeated drops to the bathroom sink basin, with only the attachment occasionally flying off (but not breaking).


5 Panasonic ER421KC Lighted Ear & Nose Hair Clipper

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The Panasonic ER421KC offers some good features.  Its most interesting addition is a light to enable users to better see inside their nose and ear canals while trimming hairs.  We were skeptical that it was just a marketing gimmick, but the light actually does help when using the clipper.  Best of all, the light function does not seem to have increased the price much, if at all.  At $16-$20, this Panasonic hair clipper is right in line with the cost for similar trimmers that do not include a light.  In other respects, the ER421KC performs well.  This AA battery-powered clipper produces good blade speed.  No discomfort from ear or nose hairs being pulled or skin being pinched was detected at any time.  We also did not cause any noticeable damage to this model by dropping it a few times into the sink basin from face height.  All in all, this clipper is a solid buy, and the light is useful for getting at smaller, hidden nose hair.


6 Philips Norelco Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer NT1500

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Do away with the traditional way of trimming the hair in your ears and in your nose in the conventional way. Philips Norelco NT1500 Precision Nose and Ear Trimmer is a very good groomer that will offer you an elegant solution to your trouble in grooming your nasal hair.

It is a nose trimmer that is Patented Tube Shave technology which guarantees and assures you that there will be no painful pulling will ever happen once you use this amazing trimmer. It also prevents you from getting cuts and scratch from its blade. Trimming your nose hair would be very simple and easy for you. With the new innovation on hoe to groom your ear, eyebrow and nose, it is safe, quick and simple for you to use it. Its ultra sharp, closed cutting system prevents you from pulling your hair and allows you to have a very comfortable trimming experience. It also has a guarded system that protects you from being harmed by it. This special and original tube equipment is a miniature trimming head for a better and improved maneuverability, visibility and precision. It does not make it difficult for you to get rid of your unwanted that persistently showing up outside your nose. This is a compact that is designed for a maximum comfort and functions efficiently and with utmost efficacy. It is intended for you to use it easily and ensures safety in using this trimmer in any workplace.

7 Panasonic Nose ear hair trimmers ER-GN30-K

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The architecture of the arch accomplish this a actual able product. Although it is advised with a rotary brand for adenoids and ears, its alien appearance and engineering removes hairs added efficiently. In accession this comes with a reciprocating brand adapter for ancillary burns, mustaches, etc. Really a value. I apprehend the reviews. I accepted the pain. Now, I accept baffled this avant-garde marvel.

I’ve begin that this Nose ear hair trimmers works best back you cut as if your accent bushes, not as if you were acid grass. What I beggarly is that it would be best if you burden from aloof abstraction it up your nose. Granted, if you’re purchasing this device, you’re apparently acclimated to aloof yanking hairs anyways (hence, you’re additionally acclimated to the associated pain). Trust me, if you booty it a little at a time, the affliction is abundantly beneath and the capability of the trimmer is enhanced. Also, use the lamp absorbed – I cannot accent this enough.


8 Remington NE3250B WETech Nose / ear hair trimmer

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Easily i guess it amusing to critique this type of merchandise for certain. Simple put this is a beneficial solidly configured product. It is really attractive for what it is, and the prize appeared like a good deal to me. My simply small objection is that among the heads it goes with is a little short if you know what i mean  so those of us on deep removal issues could still sorta have a farm going on. Nevertheless modifying the head clears that trouble. Goes with a circular head which i use most of the time, and a saw head alike most I’ve seen.


9 Wahl 5545-400 Nose / ear hair trimmer

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Wahl 5545-400 Nose ear hair trimmer is one of the finest of its type I’ve utilised, and it was one of the most fair priced. It cuts your hair clean without any pulling or cutter troubles. It as well goes with a clipper blade for cutting ear/burnsides/eyebrow hair, and so you acquire two blades for the cost of one. One large feature is you will be able to wash the cutting head once stopped. It has a 2 year guarantee. I extremely recommend this instrument.



10 Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Nose / ear hair trimmer

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The Panasonic ER430K Vacuum Nose / ear hair trimmer, grayness goes far comfortable for you to go along those awkward hairs in your nose and ear nice and trim. These trimmers functions a circular cutting system that is fast and secure, rejecting the possibleness of accidental injury from utilising scissors. The ER430K trimmer is a right trimmer that is perfect for manipulation at home, but little sufficiency to take on the traveling. These Vacuum Nose-Ear Hair Trimmer works as publicised, absorbing the loose hair as it cuts, keeping the differently inevitable sneeze and nose blowing. And I guessing it forbids cut hairs from falling under your internal ear as well, although I do not guess this has always posed a trouble for me.


11 Panasonic ER430K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

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I have had the predecessor to this model, the 411, for a lot of years and had great chance with it. It is getting older, and then I advanced to the Nose and ear hair trimmer 421, which is very much quieter and cuts with ease. Regrettably, the 421 is worthless because it leaves a considerable length of hair trailing. As a matter of fact, it leaves as much hair as I wont to start with while trimming with the 411. The blade on the 421 is adjourned from the tip way too far. I am an engineer and studied the inside of the unit to be sure there was not a fabricating defect, and everything appeared real solid and well assembled. I cleaned up my older 411 and it is acting far finer than my fresh 421, which is directed for the trash or a return to main store.
I used Panasonic ER430K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer for a lot of months. I believed the light to be worthless, despite what other commentators have told. In the end, the whole thing fell off the ledge and broke so that the cutlery wouldn’t function decently. I cast aside it and purchased a Nose and ear hair trimmer ER430K. No light. The electric battery lasts a lot longer and it is cheaper. I as well believed that the RPMs were faster. Save your income and buy the 415. Whenever you need light, get a little Maglite which you will be able to as well use to find your way around in the night

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