Finding The Best Goose Down Comforter!

Finding The Best Goose Down Comforter!

After a long and tiring day at work, you deserve at least seven hours of good sleep. The bed, mattress, pillows and comforter together create the environment that’s required for resting and comfort. Best Goose down comforters are one of the most popular and expensive options in the market, and buyers are willing to spend on getting the right product. What exactly is a best goose down comforters and how can you find the right one? Here’s an easy guide.

Understanding best goose down comforters

Before we talk about selecting the best goose down comforter, let’s first understand the concept. Birds like ducks and geese have two layers of feathers. The first is the external or outer layer, which obviously is what we see. Underneath that, there’s the soft and fluffy feather, which actually helps in keeping the bird warm, especially from weather elements. Down comforters are made from the same under-feather plumage. Today, you can find endless down comforters in the market, and expectedly, not all are the same. Since these products tend to be expensive, some initial research always comes handy.

This is often the first question people have in mind, but mostly, all users agree that goose down comforters offer the best possible warmth and comfort. What’s even better is the fact that these comforters are not super heavy, so you can retain the body heat without having a tough cover. Experts also agree that best goose down comforters are easy to manage and maintain. Unlike the synthetic variants, which tends to lose charm and loft with time, goose down comforters will keep you warm even on the coldest days. If warmth and quality sleep are aspects that matter for your purchase, this is the right choice by all means.

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How to find the right one?

As with any kind of comforter, the filler actually makes the difference, and down comforters are no different either. In most cases, you will see that these products are rated based on the ‘fill power’, which says about the softness of the filler used. In case of down comforters, the idea is to select something that doesn’t flatten up. This is also the precise reason why best goose down comforters are so popular, because as you continue using the product, it feels more comforting, fluffier and comfortable. Duck down comforters not bad for sure, but goose, being rarer and offering better down fill, is considered to be a better choice. You will also find what is known as a baffled comforter, because these include fabric spacers that make the product even more functional and attractive, and therefore, the prices are also higher.

The price of the best goose down comforter also depends on the type of cover it has for the down fill. Cotton is the most common and preferred choice, although comforters are regularly used with a duvet.

Things to consider

The cost of down comforters can vary considerably, so it is better to set a budget. Duck down comforters don’t cost huge but cannot be counted as replacement for goose down fill variants, because the latter offers much more. Also, there are different types of geese, which can have varied down feathers. The comforters that contain down fill from Siberian goose are considered to be the best, simply because the weather is such that the geese have the best down. Talk of other popular choices, and you have the Hungarian goose down. In case you are allergic, you can look for hypoallergenic goose down comforters, which are now sold at high prices and remain in demand. Some comforters include a blend of milkweed and goose down.

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Top three choices

1. LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count GOOSE DOWN Comforter Duvet Insert

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Priced at about $150, this is the ideal buy by all means. It comes with a 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover, is Hypoallergenic, Allergy Free and is meant for year-long use. This is also a baffled comforter 750+ Fill power and is 100% goose down – this means that the product doesn’t contain any features but only goose down. While this is the queen size product that we are talking about, you can also check other variants.


2. Luxurious All-Season Goose Down Comforter Exquisite Pinch Pleat Design.

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This is a known brand and you can trust their comforters eyes-closed. With 1200 Thread Count, this product comes with a 100% cotton shell. The king size variant measures 106 x 90 inches, while the queen size is apt at 90 x 90 inches. It comes with 750+ Fill power and 100% goose down fill – no feathers. Priced under $150, the product has been rated well by buyers and experts alike. The product comes in zippered factory packaging – making it ideal for gifting.


3. Globon White Goose Down Comforter

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Priced at about $170, this Globon product is a great choice for year-long use. The king size measures 106 x 90 inches, and fill is Texcote-Nano Treated white goose down. The fill is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and moisture repellent. The fill power is 700. With 400 thread count, the product comes with a shell cover for that ultimate smooth touch. The style box stitching ensures that the filling doesn’t shift, and there is great piping on the sides for attach the duvet cover.

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Final word

With the best goose down comforter, you will warm in all seasons. In the summers, get your air conditioner at the lowest temperature and enjoy some quiet time in the bed, while the winters would be pretty cozy. With goose down comforters, you have to focus on two major aspects – quality of the fill and the brand. The best ones don’t come cheap, and that extra price is certainly justified. Check the thread count and fill power as the two major features, and don’t forget to find about the care instructions. If used as recommended, goose down comforters can last a lifetime and will feel new and warm for years to come. These are also perfect for gifting and can be added to any bedroom, because the best ones are designed in white to match the interiors.


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