Flixanity app- popular APK for streaming TV shows and movies
Flixanity app

Flixanity app- popular APK for streaming TV shows and movies

With the changing times, the preferences of people with respect to the entertainment industry have changed quite a bit. From watching acts in theatres to going out for movies and now to watching everything online on Flixanity app. No doubt, watching movies and series online has its pros but its cons could lead to more expenses.

We all like watching show cuddled up in our blankets at the comfort of our homes without having to step out. But, taking a subscription to all these mediums isn’t cheap. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar charge bombs for a monthly subscription but we can’t resist watching all the thriller and rom-coms that have to offer. It is because of the people in the entertainment industry that these mediums keep on creating better and better content to keep their viewership at the top.In this article, I’ll justify why Flixanity is the best app for you and you’ll be thanking me to help save your money.

The problem starts when these platforms exclusively create content that can be accessed only on those particular mediums, they call it the ‘Originals’ like Netflix Originals, Amazon Originals, etc. It makes people spend money on those platforms to view the series/movies. Because of which sometimes the users are unable to view the series they’ve their eyes on since the trailer released.

Netflix has set an amazing example in the world of streaming?

There’s no doubt that Netflix has set an amazing example in the world of streaming. It successfully executes the strategy of marketing all its productions in all kinds of genres. They have been doing it for a long time now and I think that’s the major reason for their success in this kind of entertainment business. This revolution has sustained and made profits for other platforms like HotStar or Amazon. Netflix, being a precedent has high subscription charges and their alternatives too are setting the same standards now.

Keeping all the things in mind, I propose to you the best way to stream any movie that you like without having to pay for so many platforms. Flixanity is the solution to all your problems. The Flixanity app provides you with the ability to watch unlimited movies and TV shows in different categories. It is the one platform where people can find the latest movies and a whole collection of TV series. It offers unlimited movie downloads free of cost.

Features of Flixanity app

Flixanity is the best way to stream any movie online or to even download the movies. Below are some of the features that make Flixanity a better option for us:

  • Flixanity has got the best interface in terms of usage. It also has an impressive high-end design model.
  • Easy to download and utilise.
  • It is free of cost.
  • Streams movies and TV shows in the best possible quality.
  • For all the Netflix lovers out there, this Flixanity app gives the same feel as that of Netflix in terms of the outline.
  • It is possible to watch HD Box-office movies within less span of time.
  • Last and possibly the best, all the TV shows and movies are uploaded in the Flixanity app just one hour after it has been broadcasted on the television.

It is sure to give users the best experience without having to spend money and just by downloading the Flixanity apk.

Why Flixanity? 

A lot of you might be wondering as to why I am just focusing on Flixanity. It is because when we compare to the similar existing sites, we will notice that Flixanity has a larger database than the rest of them. People with different tastes would love it as they can finally have one medium where they can watch as they like. If we look for the characteristics, compactness is what will definitely catch your eye. The site keeps on updating its content on a regular basis so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of the latest series or movies. It also offers a good HD quality video.

How to Download Flixanity App on android & PC

Flixanity App on Android

Flixanity is one such site where we can enjoy watching all the TV shows and movies in HD. Yes, we can stream the movies online too but there’s a more convenient option of downloading the movies in case you are traveling and have no internet connection and that can be done by downloading the apk from the browser. An important thing to notice is that it isn’t Google PlayStore. So, we will have to download the application from a third-party trusted source. Run a search for a Flixanity apk on the Google search engine. When you find the site with the Flixanity apk, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below. Try following all the steps without skipping any to make sure there are no problems later:

  • Open General Settings in your device and click on the check “Allow third-party applications”.
  • Enter ‘Flixanity apk’ in the search engine bar and you will find the Flixanity apk file. All you have to do is to download the apk.
  • Locate the file in the File Manager.
  • Install the Flixanity on your device.
  • Open Flixanity Apk & start streaming the movies without any hassle.

Flixanity App on PC

Sometimes we enjoy the experience of watching movies if it is being played on a wider screen. This can be done by downloading the app through an android emulator. An emulator is a hardware/software that makes one device act like another. Using this emulator it becomes easy for us to watch the shows even on PC. It makes it easy for us to download and stream whatever we want using this emulator.

We all are well aware of the fact that there are multiple sites on the internet that offer us the best collection of movies and TV shows to watch. The other sites provide us with a downloading option as well. But sometimes, this site stops working because there’s a lot of traffic on the site. In such cases, there are alternatives available for us to have a good experience. There are only a few alternatives that are real and not a scam.

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Why Flixanity app not working?

There are hundreds and thousands of people across the globe that are searching for the best sites to view their favourite TV shows in HD. If the Flixanity app is not working, then you are in luck, because here, I have provided with an ultimate solution to it. Yes, it provides a huge collection of movies and TV shows in High Definition which is highly generic. One problem that we face is that these sites get banned due to various reasons. There can be times when even this site fails.

There may be times you will find yourself going through the same issues then all you need to know is that you can go ahead with the usage of VPN. Yes, by using the best VPN, then without finding any issues, it is always possible for the people to open the site and start to watch the movies online in HD. Whenever you try to use Flixanity and it doesn’t work then the usage of VPN will be going to work it for sure. I’ll be listing the various sites you can alternatively use if the Flixanity isn’t working.

Alternative sites of Flixanity online

There are various sites that offer the same streaming options as Flixanity does or so they claim. Out of 10, you will find that 8 of them are spam. To save you from all the trouble, I have listed a few apps and sites that work the same as Flixanity and the ones that don’t require any subscriptions. I have listed a few below:

  1. 123Movies
  2. CotoMovies
  3. Hulu
  4. Showbox


Flixanity appIt’s an online site that lets the users watch or stream the movies for free. 123movies  was called the most illegal site because it got all the content that exists in the entertainment industry and would also stream the latest episodes in just an hour of it being broadcasted. 123movies has a huge library of movies. It is a fine alternative to the Flixanity app.


Flixanity app

Whenever we have free time we think of watching a movie or tv show. While there are premium platforms to watch the shows but they are all paid. You will be surprised to know that here you can enjoy HD movies and tv shows for free. Cotomovies is the king of streaming movies online. Cotomovies is a one in all application to satisfy your watching habit. Coto movies let you watch the latest movies and tv shows for free in full hd quality for free. It’s a great app.


Hulu lets us access thousands of shows and movies. We can enjoy streaming all the episodes without missing any one of them. Which means the entertainment is non stop and without any charges. Hulu also has its own shows. I like this app a lot because it has no ads and it also doesn’t charge money. A great alternative app if Flixanity isn’t working.


Showbox is one of the most trending android apps to watch free movies and TV shows from wherever you are. The app offers all the users with countless movies and TV shows free of cost. The app isn’t available on Google Play Store so you might have to download the apk. But this app works just fine and it has all the latest shows and movies and it streams in all the good qualities.

Do we need to register to access Flixanity app?

We need to understand that before we are all into this site, it is always important for the people to look into the registration process. Only after the registration process, it becomes less troublesome to watch an unlimited number of movies on the site or even the application. As we all know that the app is free, ease of accessing the movies and TV series is better and faster. We assume that registration on a site comes with a price but this isn’t the case with Flixanity. The best part of choosing this platform is that it comes with multiple genres to select from and we can access thousands of movies and TV shows all because of this beautiful and free of cost app.

This site, Flixanity, gives us the flexibility of searching for any movies that we want, we just have to enter the name in the search box. This app is not just for movies but also makes it possible for you to find TV shows that whenever required. There may be times that there will be piracy issues and the site will no longer work. In such cases, I have already mentioned several alternatives that are easily available.


I think that the reason that Flixanity is so popular is that it is easily accessible. It has a site and an app too that gives us the opportunity to watch thousands of movies free of cost. The other reason why it is so popular is that we can stream them through a much comfortable platform which is an application on a smartphone. This thing makes this application more popular among the people in a short time. On the other side, the best thing about this site is where you can find a different unlimited collection of movies. Apart from visiting the site, you can also search for an app and download it.

For binge-watchers like me, Flixanity is the only app they need. The only way to watch movies online without having to pay for it is this. Without giving it much thought, I think one should download it to gain access to this site for watching movies and TV shows in really good quality.

In conclusion, it is best for streaming movies online categorically. You will be surprised to know that the videos available in this app are of the best quality. Accessibility is their strongest point. Download the app and enjoy it.


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