Here’s what every man should have in his grooming product kit!
grooming product kit

Here’s what every man should have in his grooming product kit!

Men, unlike women, prefer minimal essentials in their bathroom stash. After all, you don’t need tons of concealers, foundations, and lipsticks. At best, a nice skin moisturiser is probably your only ‘must have’. However, your grooming product kit deserves more. The metrosexual man is smart, and he likes to dress up to impress. In this special post, we bring you a list of things you should consider investing in!

An awesome trimmer

Trimmers are great for maintaining your charming look on the go. The best thing is the number of options available, from the cheap slapdash options to the ones with multiple settings. Ideally, get a trimmer with many adjustments and attachments. That allows you work around with your beard effectively and go for something that can be used for body hair, as well. Most of the better trimmers are designed for easy travel and can work on charged batteries for hours. In short, pick a known product, and yes, do check the reviews.

An organized shaving-kit

Shaving kits are usually available in variety of options, and these are designed for men who like a niche and neat look. Typically, shaving kits are organized according themes, fragrances and collections, but some of the inclusions are pretty basics. You get a pre-shave lotion or gel, a good razor (at least a 3-blade one), a shaving brush, a nice shaving cream, and an after-shave lotion. You can choose to organize your kit based on the products you like or just go for something that’s sorted aptly for men – the choice is yours.

Set of skincare essentials

You may not travel with a lot of grooming product kit items, but you need a few for regular use, and these should be well stocked in your bathroom stash. The first obvious inclusion is a sunscreen with SPF 50+ at the minimum, a good cleanser, toner and a moisturizer for daily use. Depending on the weather, go for something that has more hydration, like a skin butter. For those kissable lips, you need a tint-free lip balm too. Not to forget, skin treatment options for problems like acne. For the bathroom, you also need a musky shower gel, a deodorant, and a hand lotion. More than anything else, always use a sunscreen before stepping out – you would be surprised but most of your colleagues probably follow this as a ritual.

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Set of haircare essentials

Obviously, you cannot use the shower gel to wash your hair, so a good shampoo is a must. You also need a nice conditioner to soften the hair. If you don’t want two products at the same time, go for a conditioning shampoo – a number of brands are available now. What you also need a good hair styling product. Hair gels are most obvious, but if you want to avoid the chemicals, go for oil-based serums. Hair styling products can be organic, so check for that, we well. For men who have coarse hair, a home hair spa product can be handy. You can also try a leave-on serum or conditioner.

Perfumes – many of them

A gentleman always smells good, and the choice of perfumes depends on what you like. You can have one signature bottle or can invest in many, as you prefer. In case of perfumes, go for something more exotic and expensive. Many men often get shocked when ladies talk about names, but with perfumes, saving a few bucks with cheaper ones is never really recommend. Some men prefer masculine scents, others like musky but not to strong. Trial and error is certainly the best way forward.

Don’t miss these shopping tips!

  1. Don’t buy an expensive product, unless you have checked it. This is true for trimmers and razors. If you are going for electronic items, check the reviews online, as well. You will also find guides on how to choose a trimmer or ways of saving money.
  2. Shop online. Well, online sellers and retailers often have the best deals and discounts on men’s’ grooming product kit. Also, you get to check more products and compare then together based on features and other aspects.
  3. Use the best sunscreen you can find. Sunscreen is one of the must-have skin essentials. If you skip the rest, you still need a sunscreen. As mentioned, anything with SPF 50 is good, but check if the product offers PA+++ protection. We also recommend that you opt for a better brand.
  4. If you stay out during the day for work, you may also want to consider a sun protection gel. Don’t be intimidated by the name, but these gels reduce the effects of the tan and are pretty easy to use – just like a moisturizer.
  5. Do not compromise on your after-shave lotion. It’s not a choice, but a necessity. Some brands are obviously better, but the kind of skin type you have largely determines the choice. Go for something mild you have sensitive skin.
  6. Do get yourself a new comb. Combs and hair brushes must be replaced by every person after a while. Make sure that you have a personal one, which is not used by other members of the family. Hair brushes often cause scalp infections and dandruff, especially when shared between many people.
  7. Skin moisturization is important if you want to avoid the early signs of aging. You may not be interested in an expensive antiaging cream but use something that’s hydrating for your skin. Consider opting for a better brand that specializes in men’s grooming product kit.groo
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FiInal Words

Finally, take care of your skin and hair. Grooming product isn’t just about using a bunch of products, but it’s a state of mind. Watch your diet and always focus on having an active lifestyle. Using the right products will only make your skin better, and a man knows what it takes to create an impression on the other person, regardless of the gender. Check your stash right away and start shopping with our checklist – we promise there’s a lot that you still don’t have.

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