How to buy a ceiling fan?

How to buy a ceiling fan?

Have you been looking forward to buying the best quality ceiling fan offering great airflow and ensuring energy savings as well? Then you have reached the right destination where you’ll be served with a thorough guidebook for buying the most sought-after product strategically designed and manufactured by the best ceiling fan brands.

What are the reasons for installing a ceiling fan?

Enjoy the airflow

A ceiling fan is mainly installed for enjoying the airflow it offers. People want to shop the best ceiling fans within their budget with the expectation to experience the ROI with the cool breeze produced by the blades. When you visit the retail stores or the supermarkets and even the online shops for purchasing a nice ceiling fan- the first thing you check is the capacity, energy consumption as well as the features of the fan. From the buyer’s reviews, you can enhance the confidence in the product you finally wish to purchase.

An all-season use

Along with enjoying the airflow, a ceiling fan is also installed to use all throughout the season. The HVAC systems are nowadays installed in all households or offices. But at times, you may not feel like switching on the AC in summers, then the ceiling fan can provide you controlled cool air. You can easily set the speed by using the remote control or the regulator installed on the switchboard. Set the speed per your requirements. Often the air conditioner or cooler produce cools more than required. Hence, installing a ceiling fan even in an air-conditioned room is a reasonable investment.

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Beautifully designed

Enhance the beauty of your room with a beautifully adorned ceiling fan. Nowadays, various designer fans are available with leafy blade patterns and that of various other designs that you can select considering your choice and of course the paint of the room. A light colored ceiling fan will flaunt best in a room with darker shades and vice-versa.

Light-installed with ceiling fans

You can buy a ceiling fan with an attached chandelier or a simple light. Many homeowners perfect the combined pieces to enhance the beauty of the interiors as well as to save energy bills by installing the beautiful lighted ceiling fans.

Useful in colder regions

Nowadays, the shifting climactic changes are hitting headlines every now and then. It’s really astonishing to find out that people in hill stations are sweating in summers while the desserts are experiencing snowfall in winters. So, people in comparatively cooler weathers can also install a ceiling fan for emergency use.

What are the things to consider when buying a ceiling fan?

Proper measurements of the room

Take the proper measurement of the room with a measuring tape. Ask the salesperson which ceiling fan will be ideal for a room of that length and breath. Depending on speculations will not be a good idea. Instead, depend on the measurements and take the assistance of the salespersons for buying the best-suited fan for your room.

Consider the ceiling height

Normally, a ceiling fan is hung at a distance of 7 meters from the floor. If for example, your ceiling is 9 meters or more, then you have to use a drop-rod for installing the fan to receive the maximum air it draws. Here, some details are shared for better understanding:-

  • For a 9 ft ceiling, you need to install a 12-inch drop rod.
  • For a 10 ft ceiling, you need to install an 18-inch drop rod.
  • For an 11 ft ceiling, you need to install a 24- inch drop rod.
  • For a 12 ft ceiling, you need to install a 36- inch drop rod.
  • For a 13 ft ceiling, you need to install a 48 -inch drop rod.
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Buy a ceiling fan matching the room size

For a bigger room, you need to choose a larger ceiling fan of 1200-1400 mm. Otherwise, it will fail to produce sufficient air for which you’re buying it.

Room Size Ceiling Fan Size
75 sq. ft 36 inch blades
77-144 sq. ft 36-42 inches
225-400 sq.ft 50-54 inches
144-225 sq.ft 44 inch blades
500 sq.ft 60 inches and more


Call a good electrician

Call a reliable electrician for earthing the switch as well as the connection from where the ceiling will be installed. This is necessary to protect the electrical fans to protect from the shocks. The electrician can also help in installing the rod if necessary along with the ceiling fan.

Check out for the best brands

There are a few ceiling fan manufacturers with a global reputation. You should stick to that as they have earned the goodwill only after manufacturing world-class fans with OEM parts and quality products. Even if you opt for the local-made ceiling fans, make sure they have also been successful in satisfying the buyers by offering optimum quality fans.

Research more before the final purchase

Visit the local supermarkets where they cater the finest range of ceiling fans along with table and pedestal fans. You should learn more about the particular brands such as the features, price, cool air etc. Back home, you can start researching online to check the extra facilities you can get from them along with the discounted price. Sometimes they offer no-cost EMIs on certain purchases, free-shipping and pay on delivery options. Compare the rate of the chosen ceiling fans online and opt for the eCommerce site asking for the least price. But make sure the site is reputed.

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Visit the friends with the same fans

To experience the exact airflow of the fan, you can visit a friend of yours that have recently purchased the same fan. Experience the air it produces along with the color, design and patterns. You can also shift the regulator installed on the switchboard to experience the air at different shifting speeds. If you’re happy with all the features, you can easily place the order online or visit the local retailer for buying the ceiling fan.

So, like this, shop a ceiling fan of your choice and budget.

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