How to Choose the Best Popcorn Machine?

How to Choose the Best Popcorn Machine?

Is there anyone who doesn’t love dipping hands inside the popcorn bucket while watching the favorite movie or match? If you also enjoy grabbing yummy popcorns or various flavors including caramel, cheesy and salty flavors- get a personal popcorn machine to add quotient to your home theater. Also, buying a popcorn machine is necessary when you’ve decided to start a popcorn business of your own at shopping malls or at multiplexes.

The Origin

Initially, people used to pop the corns by frying the corns in hot sands. But later on, the machine was evolved which was the turning point of the popcorn industry.

In 1885, a candy shop owner in Illinois, named Charles Cretors invented the first commercial popcorn machine. It was his endeavor to produce tasty oil-popped popcorns by pouring in sufficient amount of seasoning in a steam-powered roaster.

Later on, the machine was modified further by adding wheels and putting a clown for attracting buyers. In fact, popcorns have a century-old history that goes back to the ancient times per traces.

Today, after several years of constant research and development, celebrated manufacturers have come forward with their outstanding popcorn machines. After researching about the machines and knowing the features in details- choose the best popcorn machine suiting your purpose.

A buyer’s checklist when shopping a popcorn machine—

Premium quality product

Whenever you’re buying a popcorn machine whether home models or commercial- make sure the manufacturer has used the best quality steel in building the kettle along with the interiors. The tempered glass should also be of optimum quality sturdy enough to resist the heat produced by the popcorn machine.

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The exact size of kettle you need

Not all the machines have the same kettle capacity. You need to choose the kettle considering the amount of corns you wish to pop each time or depending on the number of family members you have.

For your better understanding—

  • The famous Paragon Classic popcorn machine of 14 oz can produce 240 corns in an hour per serving.
  • A machine of 16 oz can pop around 295 at a time.
  • A 20 oz popcorn machine pops around 400 corns per serving that is produced in an hour.

The kettle size is also decided considering the purpose. Decide whether you want the machine to pop the corns for your home or you want it to serve the purpose of your commercial requirements. Ask for sales assistance that helps incredibly in selecting the most ideal product. Nowadays, similar services are offered by the eCommerce sites as well.

How many watts to choose?

With a higher wattage, you can prepare the popcorns quickly than the machines with lower watts. So, experts recommend having a machine with 640 and more watts for a home theater popcorn. If you’re expecting guests and want to pop more corns at a time- then opt for the popcorn machines with more than 840 watts.

Models with lower wattage are ideal for you if you have to pop the corns only for you and your partner. But commercial popcorn machines have to be more powerful for popping more corns in each cooking hour.


You should check the warranty of the product while purchasing. Make sure the brand you choose for buying a suitable popcorn machine is reputed for their post-sales services. The ratings and reviews of the previous customers, you can get a clue about their client-friendly attitude. There are companies claiming to offer a 5-year warranty on different parts of the popcorn machines they sell but later on, it becomes next to impossible to communicate with them.

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Compare the rates online in various similar sites to buy the chosen product for the best price. Do as much research as you can before buying the product along with sufficient details of the price that’s mandatory to know before buying.


If this is for the first time you’re buying a popcorn machine whether for personal or commercial use- you should seek references from those who already own that machine. Talk to them and know about the pros and cons of the machines and choose the one you feel safer and buy in regards to the features, wattage, maintenance, and definitely the price.

Explore the machines

Before taking any rash decision, you can go out to the stores and check for the machines preparing popcorns. Even though you choose to shop the popcorn machine online- you can visit the nearby retail store for having a tactical experience of the product. See it, touch it and even request a demo before you made up your mind for buying the same product online or from the retailer.

Go for online shopping and avail more discounts

Online shopping is the best option to buy anything these days. They provide the best prices for the popcorn machine you choose to buy. Instead of the retail stores, the online eCommerce stores can offer you great discounts that the retail stores can’t imagine to offer.

Types of Popcorn Machines—

As you explore the different types of popcorn machines, you’ll know the hot oil machines and the air poppers. When the former produces greasy and very tasty popcorns prepared with cheese, chives, other herbs, caramels and seasonings the later produces the simple salt-free air popped corns that are ideal for the figure-conscious people or those who have cholesterol.

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The home models include-

  • The vintage table-top popcorn machines
  • Hot air popcorn poppers
  • Round and countertop stirring poppers etc

Popular commercial popcorn machines are—

  • Freestanding popcorn machines
  • Counter-top popcorn machines
  • Automated vending machines
  • Air popper popcorn machines

Maintaining and cleaning the popcorn machines—

Whether you use the popcorn machine for home theater or commercial purpose- make sure the machine is properly cleaned after you’re done for the day making popcorns. Use light detergents in cleaning the device to keep it safe from ants, fungus and bacteria to form after cooking.

So, remember the ideas of choosing the best popcorn machines from the given details.

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