How to shop for the best wine bottle opener?

How to shop for the best wine bottle opener?

No matter whether it’s your home or office, having a wine bottle opener in the drawer comes handy. After all, you would want to have a sip of your favorite wine at least twice or thrice a week. Buying a wine bottle opener can be confusing – the choices are way too many, and you have a bunch of shapes, styles and sizes to choose from. In this post, we bring a comprehensive guide that will help in selecting and buying the best wine bottle opener.

Types of wine openers

Wines come in all kinds of bottles, so it’s not surprising that we have so many varied types of openers. Here are the common ones –

  1. Waiter’s Corkscrew. This is what you will find in most restaurants, and therefore the name – Waiter’s Corkscrew. There’s the actual body, with a blade and worm, which allows you to quickly open the bottle with some effort.
  2. Rabbit Style Corkscrew. This one is also called level style corkscrew, which has two handles that actually hold the neck of the wine bottle, while the lever connects to the worm. It hardly takes any effort or time to remove the cork with a single push. Some of the Rabbit Style Corkscrews are designed for mounting on the table.
  3. Electric Corkscrew. As the name suggests, an Electric Corkscrew can pull off the cork in no time, in just one button push. If you don’t have a lot of hand strength, this is what you need, and these are usually chargeable, making them ideal for long-term use.
  4. Air Pressure Wine Opener. This kind of wine openers has a special CO2 cartridge with a needle that offers decent power to pull out the cork. Depending on the product, you can open as many as 100 bottles with the same cartridge.
  5. Twist & Pull Corkscrew. The final option on this list is Twist & Pull Corkscrew, which comes with a twisting mechanism that pushes the worm into the cork to remove it. This kind of wine bottle opener is also very common.
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Factors to consider

Just like you would spend considerable time to select a bottle of wine, it makes sense to consider the right things before selecting the best wine bottle opener. Below are the some of the features/factors you can expect.

  1. Check the screw size. The cheap bottle openers in the market have shorter screws, and that leaves enough scope to tear the cork, which cannot be used anymore as a stopper. Make sure that the screw of the product is 1.70-inch or more in length.
  2. The best use. It is important that you select Corkscrews that work for all kinds of corks, because you will try a bunch of wines. From the natural ones to the recent synthetic corks, your wine opener should be able to open everything.
  3. Ease of operations. Corkscrews can be a pain to use, especially when you don’t have enough strength or power to hold the bottle in place. Select something that doesn’t require a lot of effort or understanding.
  4. The design. Some wine openers, like twist-and-pull corkscrews, require considerable pressure, and the design usually determines how long or what level of effort will be required to open a bottle of wine.
  5. Strong worm. Eventually, it’s the worm that makes the difference. Find ones that are not too thin nor too thick and is made of strong quality materials. You may also want to check if the worm is designed not to shred corks.

At the end of the day, a corkscrew should be able to open the cork safely. There are many cases, where people have been hurt in the process, because the wine opener wasn’t good enough. With the right product, you will not have a broken wine opener, cracked glass, or even a shredded cork.

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What are the best options?

Selecting between options to find the best wine bottle opener can be confusing, which is why we have listed down the top-rated choices below for your help. We have tried and covered options in three categories

    1. Secura SWO-3N Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener Corkscrew Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

Buy here

If you are looking for an electric wine bottle opener, this one from Secura is a good investment. This is a cordless model that opens corks in seconds. It comes with its own rechargeable battery and can open around 30 bottles in one charge. With one-button operation, using the wine opener is easier than expected. There’s also a foil cutter included, which helps in getting rid of seals. Pocket pinch: $20.



    1. Professional Wine Opener by HiCoup

Buy here

This is one of the best Waiters Corkscrew bottle openers under $10, with choice of 25 colors. The corkscrew comes in a 420 STAINLESS STEEL body with a wooden handle, while the worm is made of heavy duty steel and can open corks in just five turns. It also gets a double hinged fulcrum, so opening longer works is easy, and there’s a foil cutter as well, so you don’t need to buy two gadgets. You also get free lifetime warranty with the product.


    1. Foho Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener

Buy here

Made from zinc allot for added strength, this is wine bottle opener is resistant to corrosion and requires no maintenance. This comes in the butterfly design, so pulling is easy. Priced at about $12, this can do double duty as beer and wine opener. The company does offer replacement, in case you are not happy with the product.

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Final word

For your budget needs and regular use, you wouldn’t be spending more than $50 on the best wine bottle opener. However, there are limited edition products that can cost more. Unless you are into fancy stuff, the regular wine openers designed for power and easy operations should be good enough. Just make sure that you don’t buy the cheapest one available in the market, because this is a product you wouldn’t be replacing, although you may have a considerable number of new ones in the drawer.




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