Looking for the perfect shaving razor designed for men? Here’s your guide!

Looking for the perfect shaving razor designed for men? Here’s your guide!

Men, unlike women, don’t use tons of grooming products. In fact, most men would be happy with the basics – a razor, a trimmer, a shaving gel/foam, a shaving brush, and an after-shaving lotion. Times have changed, and so should you. If you check for razors for men, the options might seem a bit overwhelming. In this post, we narrow down the choices and types, so that you can make a choice easily. Please note that we are only including manual razors on our list, and not electric variants.

  1. Disposable razor. A disposable razor is just that – disposable. These are usually designed with a fixed blade, meant for onetime use, and in that department, such razors score well. In all fairness, disposable razors are extremely user-friendly. You can get one from the supermarket or even from the chemist anytime you want, especially if you don’t have a lot of the other expensive options. Some of the disposable razors are actually better and can be used for more than a couple of times.

On the flip side: These razors are not ideal for the regular metrosexual man. If you add the cost of each disposable razor, you will realize that the overall spending is a lot more. Also, these don’t work effectively for all men and can irritate the skin.

If you are in a rush, this is what you may want to get.

  1. Double Edge Razors. Another kind of razor that has been around for decades, and you must have seen your dad use one. If you go by function and precision, this is way better than the disposable ones. Double Edge Razors use double-edge blade, which offers close shave when you need the most. While the blade is important, the weight of the razor matters more. Double Edge Razors can be used a few times.
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On the flip side: Double Edge Razors can cause a few cuts, so be careful while using them. Your hand precision is important, and yes, do not go for the cheaper ones, which can trouble your skin. Such razors also need some maintenance, especially if you want to use it longer.

When you need a close and clean shave, Double Edge Razors might not be bad.

  1. Cartridge razors. Talk about evolution in men’s grooming products, and you have the cartridge razor. In fact, like most other male counterparts, you have probably used one of the Mach razors from Gillette. For most men, cartridge razors are ideal performers for regular needs. You can get five-blade cartridge razors, which work and offer same kind of clean shave as DE ones mentioned above. While not cheap, most of the better ones will last for a while, and you don’t have to worry much about maintenance. Just keep the razor under running tap water to clean it.

On the flip side: To be honest, not all cartridge razors are the same, and some of the things you hear in ads are just gimmicks. Also, with extra blades, cooling strips and other similar hacks used, the price increases, and eventually., the cost of each shave may not seem very economical. If you are concerned about the environment, cartridge razors and disposable ones might not be the best choices.

Overall, cartridge razors are great and convenient, which has increased the sales figures for most brands. If you don’t expect more, you would be happy with this one for at least five to six shaves.

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Things to check

If you have made up on your mind on the kind of razor you want, we have some more pointers below that can help.

  1. First things first, check the number of blades include. Some of the expensive ones can have up to 10 blades.
  2. If you are going for a cartridge razor, check if the blades are made of quality stainless steel. Durable blades can offer incredible performance for regular use.
  3. Does the razor have a lubricating strip? That can be useful for an easy shave, and yes, you can find these on disposable ones, as well.
  4. Is the head of the razor maneuverable? This is one of the important features because you would be able to control the movement of the blades better, which allows a better shave as desired.
  5. How is the grip? A good razor, regardless of the type, should be easy to use, and yes, you have to ensure that it’s easy to hold in hand. If you are buying the product online, check for guides or reviews to know what other men have to say about it.
  6. How easy it is to clean the razor? Some of the cartridge razors and disposable ones are super-easy in terms of maintenance. Just use plain water to take off trimmed beard and moustache hair.
  7. How many cartridges are included in the package? Some products come with two or more cartridges, which means you will not need a replacement anytime soon. If you are trying to economize, the package is something worth considering.
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Finally, consider the cost of each cartridge or replacement blade, which adds to the cost of each shave. Also, if you like a cartridge razor, it might make sense to get a trimmer as well. Trimmers are handy when you want to get and maintain a neat look. Also, unlike razors, which must be used more carefully and require other things like gel, foam, and after-shave lotion, trimmers and easy to use. You can also find many products, which cost as much as a cartridge razor. We didn’t talk about traditional razors in this post, because most men don’t have the time to use one that requires so much precision.

As for the best deals and offers on cartridge razors, online stores are your best bet. You can get more brands, products and options, and can also decide if you need an electric one. Shortlist a few ones and start comparing to find the perfect razor that works for your needs. Also, do check for trimmer offers and discounts.

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