The windshield wiper was invented by a woman named Mary Anderson, an inventor who is widely known as the person who came up with the idea which she received a patent for in 1903. Since then many improvements and additions to Anderson’s original concept have been added to produce the versions that we see today on modern vehicles in the 21st century, over 100 years after it was first conceived.

We resource for the best information on windshield wiper blades, wiper blade reviews and the best wiper blade brands available on the market. Given the importance of your wiper blades, it’s critical to ensure that your wipers are ready to handle the often harsh weather that you’ll experience while driving whether in the spring, summer, fall or winter.

Over the years there have been plenty of innovations regarding windshield wipers including the addition of windshield washer fluid (invented around 1931), intermittent wipersrain-sensing wipers and even headlight wipers as you’ll find on some higher end vehicles although this feature has largely gone by the wayside replaced by water jets that clean the lights in place of wipers.

Depending on the design of your vehicle, you’ll have a front set of windshield wipers of course and possibly a rear wiper for the back window too especially if you have an SUV, station wagon, minivan or hatchback. Some sports cars have rear wipers as well. Rear wipers first came into prominence back in the 1970s.


Silicon versus Rubber Blades

The best wiper blades available today are made of silicone and are more expensive than the older style blades made of organic rubber. The silicone blades will leave a film on your windshield that can help to bead water which makes it easier and faster to remove the water from your windshield. In this instance your blades may have instructions as to how to prime your windshield and coat it with the residue from the blades to get the stated benefits.

Older style rubber blades tend not to last as long and get damaged over time from the elements like the sun, rain, and snow/ice during the winter months.

Another aspect of wiper blade design is the style of the blade, namely whether it comes with an old-style metal bracket or a newer-style bracketless design with no metal frame. During cold and icy winters, wiper blades with the metal bracket can freeze and negatively impact performance to the point where you get streaks on the windshield and the blades don’t stay flush against the windshield. The bracketless models are more flexible meaning that they may “stick” to the windshield better and since there is no metal bracket, they won’t freeze and impair wiping ability.

When looking for the best wiper blades that money can buy, you might find that some of the top-rated brands aren’t even the most expensive too.


The Best Wiper Blades Brands

The best wiper blades brands tend to offer you features and durability that you may not find on cheaper, lower quality blades. Interestingly some of the more expensive blades don’t necessarily produce better results although they should last longer otherwise there isn’t much point in paying more than you could for a cheaper brand that could do you just as well.

Let’s face it. Most people don’t give a thought about the best wiper blades that are available and probably don’t wonder what the best brands are. Having said that, knowing what your options are can help with your decision making and enable you to make the best decision for your vehicle given your local climate and weather conditions and driving needs.

In alphabetical here are some of the best wiper blades brands on the market to choose from:


ANCO is a leading aftermarket, replacement wiper blade brand for passenger and commercial vehicles. Their current lineup includes the Contour all season premium wiper blade, ProfileAeroVantage high-performance wiper blade with vented bridge and DuraKlear Plus wiper element, 31-Serieswinter blade with durable rubber cover and covered heavy-duty metal frame, and rear blade. The 31-series blades most closely resemble the older style windshield wiper blades that are typically offered as original equipment on many vehicles.



Bosch is well-known for numerous automotive and other products and they also happen to produce high quality windshield wiper blades. Their Aerotwin blade is an extended-life blade with no metal frame to help reduce icing and freezing that often plague older-style metal-framed wipers that can freeze up in winter. This blade is good for year round usage as it doesn’t cause ice build up and is designed with aerodynamics in mind. Bosch produced front and rear blades for your vehicle.


Obviously Michelin is most well-known for their tires (looking for Michelin tire coupons?) but Michelin-branded wiper blades are also an option for your vehicle. They make the Optimum All-Season frameless wiper blade, RainForce all weather performance blade, and Stealth wiper blade brands.



While Rain-X is well-known for its windshield washer fluid, you may not know that they also manufacture wiper blades in addition to glass and windshield cleaner, plastic and headlight cleaner, car washes and waxes and bug pre-wash gel for your vehicles. Their Rain-X Repel wiper blades have a time release coating that coats the windshield and helps to quickly repel water from the glass and the design is such that they claim it will outlast cheaper conventional wipers. Their Rain-X Latitude wiper blades are good for year round use in rain, snow and sleet. Their Rain-X Weatherbeater wiper blades is a high quality steel bracketed blade that looks more like a conventional blade with its metal bracket.


TRICO manufactures both original equipment and replacement equipment wiper blades. In fact their wiper systems are more frequently used in North America than any other wiper manufacturer. TRICO produces a wide variety of wiper products including Premium wipers (TRICO Force, NeoForm, Flex and SHIELD brands), Factory Replacement products (TRICO Exact Fit brand), Extreme Weather products (TRICO Chill Teflon Edge, TRICO Chill), and other products such as vintage blades, wiper refills, windshield washer pumps, and glass treatment.


Valeo wiper blades are widely known for the efficiency and dependability they offer even in extreme weather conditions. If you are in the marketing shopping for wiper blades, these are worth considering and this is attributed to several factors. For starters, these blades are synonymous with durability and high level of efficiency and it is for this reason that they are termed as driver friendly. Due to the manner in which they are designed, these also have the ability of increasing the confidence of the driver and this is because of the visibility attributes which are evident in all weather types.

These are uniquely designed an aspect that increases their appeal among many drivers. These are perfectly connected to molded wiper arms. With a blade that is 12 inches 302mm it has been ranked as one of the best OE qualities and it comes with a preinstalled adapter. It is due to this feature that it is known to fit in different types of vehicles perfectly. Designed using the highest material components available in automotive industry, it offers value for money. In essence, it focuses on use of innovative technology and it is precisely for this reason that it is the preferred choice among many drivers. It is not unlikely to note that a large number of car models in the market have Valeo wiper blades and this is thanks to their innovative design and dependability.

The blades of the Valeo wiper are even and it is for this reason that they are known to deliver ideal windshield pressure. This is thanks to integrated flexors which are 1,500 plus pressure points. In essence, it is ranked among one of the most innovative and revolutionary blades with single rubber piece which is unlike other wiper blades in the market. With Valeo wiper blades, drivers can enjoy quiet performance that is without vibration or the usual chatter. This is an aspect that is attributed to the 1,500 pressure points. This moves across the cars windshield and as such, delivers exceptional performance regardless of the weather conditions.

More importantly, the installation of Valeo wiper blades is easy and what is more, it is known to fit different types of vehicles. Valeo wiper blades also come with integrated spoiler and it is this feature that makes it one of the best options in car windshields. The spoiler comes with ideal air pressure and this is what makes it easy for the Valeo wiper to work at high speeds regardless of the weather. What is more, in the event there is wind noise, it is reduced to 3dB and this is attributed to the aero acoustics which are part of the blades. Valeo wiper blades come in different series and each has its own unique features.

In a nutshell, Valeo wiper blades have the ability to deliver where other blades fail and it is for this reason that they are the best investment choice. Valeo wiper blades offer drivers unparalleled design and unique structure and consequently makes it easy to enjoy clear vision and a smoother driving experience.

Valeo Wiper Blades: 900 Series

Valeo Wiper Systems are known for their efficiency and reliability in the most extreme weather conditions. Featuring wiper arms, wiper blades, wiper motors and wash systems, Valeo is very much sought after by vehicle manufacturers in North America.

To ensure superior quality, Valeo Wiper Blades undergo operating noise analysis, ozone resistance tests, corrosion resistance tests, temperature performance, wipe quality check-ups and even high-speed demonstrations. As such, Valeo Wiper Blades are considered one of the top products in the worldwide wiper systems market.

The products featured in the 900 series are the flagship Valeo Wiper Blades currently available for consumers. Featuring innovative breakthroughs in wiper systems technology, these Valeo Wiper Blades have an ultra-flat blade profile. These Valeo Wiper Blades offer optimum windshield visibility because of the even distribution of pressure from the blade to the car’s windshield. Most conventional blades offer around four to eight points of pressure on the windshield. Valeo Wiper Blades, on the other hand, effectively provide smooth and even pressure across the entire blade.

The integrated spoiler enables these Valeo Wiper Blades to be the best in its wiper blade class. In stark contrast to conventional wipers, the air-pressure on the spoiler and the ultra-flat design work efficiently in higher speeds. The wind noise is greatly reduced to a mere 3dB. This is attributed to the enhanced aero-acoustics of the wiper blades.

The Valeo Wiper Blades in the 900 series have no metal superstructure that would collect snow or ice during the winter. Thus, these wipers blades can be used in all seasons. Moreover, the advanced rubber technology applied on these Valeo Wiper Blades provides more fluid and less noisy wiping performance.

The Valeo Wiper Blades 900 Series is the ultimate wiper blade a person can get. With its renowned and unparalleled design and structure, drivers are assured of clear vision and smoother driving.


Valeo Wiper Blades 800 Series

Valeo is brand that is synonymous to wiper blade efficiency and durability. Often rated as the top manufacturer of wiper systems in North America, Valeo Wiper Blades offer great innovation, long-lasting designs and practical applications.

Available in more than ten countries around the globe, Valeo continually strives to develop better wiper blades for prominent vehicle manufacturers in the North American and European continents.

With superior quality wiper products available through reliable distributors, Valeo is now offering the Valeo Wiper Blades 800 SWF Series.

This particular wiper blade series offers original European wiper blade technology. SWF is one of the most recognizable wiper brands in Europe. As such, it is the most widely used brand by European vehicle manufacturers.

The unique wind spoiler design of the Valeo Wiper Blades in the 800 series allows for impeccable blade-to-windshield contact at any given speed. Another viable option for customers is the Curved Valeo Wiper Blades that fits easily on body designs in the off-position. Thus, enabling passengers to have improved windshield visibility. Meanwhile, the High-Performance Valeo Wiper Blades provide high-speed stability and softer operation.

Since these Valeo Wiper Blades come from the European market, it follows that the 800 series features OE technology and quality. The Valeo Wiper Blades have been created to match European OE fit and appearance. Hence, the blades in the 800 series easily meet most European car manufacturer requirements. Moreover, these Valeo Wiper Blades have been molded specifically for European vehicles sold in North America.

As such, The Valeo Wiper Blades 800 series covers more than 90 percent of late-model European vehicles. A single adapter is preassembled on most blades providing users with easier installation.

Valeo Wiper Blades are one of the best and most trusted products in the wiper systems market. Hence, customers can be assured of the quality that Valeo has invested in its products.



Valeo Wiper Blades 600 Series

Valeo is a company renowned all around the world for its innovative wiper blade systems. Almost every vehicle manufacturer on the planet equips their vehicles with Valeo wiper blades.

In every three cars created and built in North America, one vehicle is bound to have Valeo wiper systems installed in them. Valeo has a wide range of front and back wipers that is almost compatible with any vehicle type. Moreover, the company has an ongoing developmental team that continually designs and tests future wiper blades for prominent car manufacturers.

The Valeo Wiper Blades 600 series is one of the company’s most sought after products. With the capacity to resist permanent deformity, these Valeo Wiper Blades are rugged yet refined. As such, the 600 series actually perform better in hot or cold weather conditions. The strength of these Valeo Wiper Blades lies in the synthetic rubber upper-body as well as the protective coating of the wipers. The wiping edges of the blades are designed to be more natural. Thus, enabling more efficient and flexible wipes.

The Valeo Wiper Blades 600 series features a full-metal vented superstructure that greatly increases wipe quality, regardless of the speed. Corrosion will not be a problem for Valeo Wiper Blades users as the 600 series has galvanized steel embedded within the design. The construction of these Valeo Wiper Blades is made to improve blade and windshield contact, helping the blades last longer.

The adaptability of the Valeo Wiper Blades 600 series encompasses most vehicles, both domestic and import. All the necessary adapters are conveniently included in the wiper blade package. Moreover, these universal U-type clip adapters are easy to install and is generally pre-assembled in popular packages.

Valeo Wiper Blades are designed for comfort, effectiveness and durability. That being said, users can be confident that their vision of the road will remain clean and clear while driving for their loved ones.