Things to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Things to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Many students are forced to leave their homes and move to a dorm. Some perceive it as a cool chapter of life, full of new meetings, freedom, and awesome parties. However, one shouldn’t forget that all these things will be accompanied by lectures, classes, and numerous assignments. And if you don’t want to be expelled, you should come up with a curriculum and get high-grade papers. After a long and exhausting day in classes, you will come back to your new home, eat something, and proceed to homework. Your environment plays a huge role at this stage. If something irritates you and makes you feel uncomfortable, you will constantly get distracted or do everything possible to leave your dorm room. And if sometimes you can turn to such services as papercoach to get your papers done on time, this cannot become an optimal solution. You should try to turn your dorm room into the most comfortable and safe place on earth or at least make it cozy enough to spend a lot of time there.

Use peculiarities of the space

At best, your room will be slightly smaller than the room you grew up in. And in the worst case, it will be the size of a closet. No matter how much space you have, you should make the most of every square centimetre. For example, you can buy plastic boxes for things that can be hidden under the table and bed. Don’t take unnecessary clothes and things from home since they just clutter up space. Consider what the main peculiarities of your dorm room are. For instance, some rooms have an unusual layout, including niches and ledges. They may seem useless, but in fact, they can do a good job. In a niche, you can arrange a storage space or a workplace. If the room has high ceilings, it may be possible to get the top bunk and move the sleeping area there. A common mistake is to choose the interior of a small dorm room based on the bed’s size. In an apartment, the bedroom is not the central room, so you should use this principle in your dorm room also. The best solution would be to allocate space for the sleeping area in the farthest part from the entrance. The same will go for creating the working area. The remaining space can be adapted for a living area and (if provided) a kitchen.

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Take care of proper lighting

Everyone knows that most dorm rooms have terrible lighting. It’s either too bright, and you may get a headache, or it’s too dim that you have to strain your eyes. So, you should better consider your lighting options. For example, Christmas lights can be used not only for a holiday, and nightlights are good not only in childhood. If the only source of light in your room is a working laptop (when you try to do my essay cheap and save money), you can quickly ruin your eyes. Thus, you cannot do without several lamps. Lighting, along with partitions and curtains, is also used for zoning, which is important for a multifunctional space. You can work or read without disturbing the resting roommate if you take care of several light sources located at convenient spots.

Decorate your walls

Nothing makes a room feel like a prison cell more than blank white walls, so if you want your apartment to become suitable for long working hours on assignments, add things that make you feel cozy. Hang your favorite pictures or travel postcards, anything that makes you smile. However, you should better avoid popular artist posters, newspaper clippings, and hand-drawn art if you are not good at creating such masterpieces. You want to make your apartment cozy and unique, not like a maniac’s hideout or weird modern art center.

Reflective surfaces help make the room brighter. For example, a mirror can enlarge the room and add light. While furniture with a mirror surface has a significant drawback: it gets dirty easily and requires additional maintenance. Another mistake is to use classic multi-layered curtains. Such a floor-length decoration, even if it is light, is guaranteed to reduce the room’s depth. Thus, it is better to do without curtains. An alternative can be sole-colored classic or roller blinds.

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Choose an appropriate style and colours

Minimalism is considered the best option for the dorm room design. It creates the effect of open space. Other styles are being developed based on minimalism: Scandinavian, loft, high-tech. They all have similar features, are easy to combine, and create a wonderful space you want to spend your evenings in.

All the styles widely use a light palette: white, shades of gray, and beige. Different variations of brown can complement them. An interior decorated only in light colours can seem boring to students, but the dominance of a light palette is a must. Bright colors should not be used in wall decoration, but you can use pillows, carpets, and bedspread as accents. By the way, two or three tones will be enough. Dark shades are suitable for admirers of loft and high-tech design

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