Your complete guide for selecting the perfect beard trimmer!

Your complete guide for selecting the perfect beard trimmer!

Talk about men’s grooming products, and most men will mention the beard trimmer. It’s almost one of the necessary items for your bathroom stash. A beard trimmer, as obvious from the name, will eventually allow you to tame your beard. You can opt for the perfect corporate-guy look with a clean face (provided the trimmer works like shaver) or can choose to go wild with the natural growth – the choices are many. In recent years, more beard trimmers have been launched, which tells a lot about the trend and preferences of men. So, how do you buy one? In this post, we talk about the things that matter.

Go for quality first

Most first-time buyers end up buying the cheapest trimmer they can find, which is an unfortunate idea in the first place. Keep in mind that the best products can last for years, and there’s a reason why the price is high. The blade quality and design of the brand are two aspects that you must consider in the first place.

Corded vs. cordless ones

Well, this can be a matter of choice, but typically, cordless ones tend to be a tad more expensive. If you are going to use the trimmer at home and in a fixed place, like the bathroom, corded ones work pretty well for the purpose. Cordless ones are ideal when you want the product to be portable. Men who travel frequently or use the trimmer in different rooms may want to go for a cordless variant, which is certainly more convenient.

A point to note here – All cordless trimmers don’t offer good backup. This means that you may have to charge the device too frequently or may not be able to complete the shave in one charge, which can be a bummer. Corded ones are better in terms of power, and hence, it’s your call.

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Settings matter

Some men prefer a small stubble, while others like a long beard. No wonder, trimmers have been designed to fit most styles. The length options in each product is different, and usually, the more settings you have, higher is the price. Please note that length settings are usually given in numbers, so make sure that all the product details are known to you. Also, not all trimmers are meant for wet trimming. If you want to use the product for a quick trim after the bath, this is something you may want to check.

Brand is important

Today, a bunch of brands are producing men’s grooming products, and therefore, the choices are many for beard trimmers. Keep in mind that a good brand makes a huge difference, both in terms of settings and design. Also, there are lesser chances of compromises on the build quality. The better brands also focus on offering products for every kind of need, so you can find a trimmer that matches your requirements.

Warranty counts

As mentioned earlier, build quality is critical, and what can be a better way to judge that if not the warranty? Most trimmers have a warranty of at least 6 months, but some of the known brands may even offer 2 years or more. Certainly, this is one of the important aspects to consider when you are looking for a quality product.

Check if there’s a charge indicator

Some trimmers have a light indicator, some don’t. This might seem like a small aspect but really matters when you want to use the trimer on the go. For many men, an indicator light might not be something to be bothered about. It’s your call.

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Is the product versatile?

A beard trimmer might not work well for body hair trimming, so bear that in mind. A number of products available today have a very specific purpose, so if you intend to use the trimmer for other needs, additional research is recommended.

Attachments included

Trimmers usually have attachments, which allow you to control the beard length, but these usually vary. Always go for one that has the most number of attachments, so that the product looks, works and feels more versatile. An interchangeable guard is always a welcome addition to the overall set.

Easiness in using

Maintenance and easiness to use are two things that most buyers forget about beard trimmers. Yes, it depends largely on the model you choose, but most of the average ones come with the guard, which can be washed off under the tap. However, if you are willing to pay a tad more, always go for waterproof trimmers that are more useful and handy. Most brands will mention this in the product description, so check that in detail. And yes, do not use oil on the blade, unless and otherwise recommended.

Battery performance

In case of cordless trimmers, battery performance is a pertinent factor worth noting. For example, how long does it take for the trimmer to get charged? Once it’s completely charged, how long can it work? Better batteries are ideal if you tend to travel a lot, but again, consider your needs first.


Finally, consider your budget. Not everyone can buy the best trimmer, and that’s okay. If you have a budget, it is wise to look for options within that, but yes, if you can get something for $50 more, it’s always a good idea to spend that extra.

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Shopping tips

First things first, check the online stores to get the best offers. You will also have access to more brands and products, which is a big advantage if you cannot shop offline from a local store. Secondly, check the reviews. Apart from customer reviews, many websites do have in-depth reviews of beard trimmers, which can be handy. Please go for unbiased reviews. Also, before you buy, check the product description, and if something we mentioned on the list is missing, contact the seller to clarity before placing the order.

With the right beard trimmer, maintaining your classy look will never be a problem. Check online right away and shortlist a few options.

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