Your Guide For Buying Double-Edge Razor Blades!

Your Guide For Buying Double-Edge Razor Blades!

If disposable razors seem like a cheap option and you don’t want to spend on an expensive cartridge razor, a safety razor might be a good alternative. Also known as double-edge razor, safety razors are as good as the blade used. Of course, you must do your homework when it comes to selecting a safety razor, but in this post, we will guide you on how to select the right blade. We have also reviewed the best picks for you.

What to look for?

Before we talk about the best products available in the market, let’s understand the factors that make a difference. It is important to understand that every man is different, and so is his beard type and skin. Safety razors are ideal for the closest shave, but unless the blades are good, you may not the results you are looking for.

  1. Are you concerned with the sharpness? A lot of men like the idea of sharp double-edge razor blades, which offer the closest shave. Having said that, it must be noted that using a safety razor requires practice. If you are someone who has always used the disposable or cartridge ones, it is wise to be check on the sharpness. A sharp blade can cause more cuts than expected, which is the last thing you would want.
  2. Consider the smoothness of the blade. Keep in mind that double-edge razor blades work in a specific angle, and if that isn’t extreme, you would not hurt yourself while using the razor. This may mean applying a tad more pressure, which may again cause problems for men who have sensitive as it can irritate the skin.
  3. Consider your hair type. Not all men have coarse hair, but you have thick growth, you must be careful about selecting double edge safety razor blades. Go for a shaper and thicker blade in that case that’s durable and can work through coarse hair easily. This will reduce the pulling considerably while shaving. An aggressive blade is the one that’s extremely sharp, so for those who have thin hair or sensitive skin, a smoother blade is recommended.
  4. It is also wise to go for a less aggressive blade if you are used to cartridge razors. In case of safety razors, practice can take a while, and we recommend that you use the razor intermittently with a cartridge one. Keep in mind that skin cuts can hurt.
  5. Focus on the brand. For double-edge razor blades, you have to be experimental initially with the options, because it can be some time before you find a brand that works for you. Eventually, you will stick to it, so don’t forget to try the better brands, which usually don’t tend to disappoint.

The best four products worth trying

#1. Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades.

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Probably the most trusted brand available in the market, Astra is known for offer premium blades at affordable prices. A pack of 100 blades will cost less than $15, and you can always get discounts. Astra Platinum isn’t just about the price alone, but these blades are insanely durable. We tried this and found that each blade lasts for at least 8 to 10 shaves. These sharpest safety blades are designed for performance, but it can depend on the kind of hair you have. We also didn’t find any issues while trying it on sensitive skin. Each of the blades are wrapped individually in wax paper, and a standard pack comes with five blades. Also, each blade is made of highest quality steel, so no issues with quality either.

On the flip side: Can cause nuts and nicks for new users. Be careful, and you will never regret using these.

Our recommendation: Best buy in budget, without compromises on performance.

#2. Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades.

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Talk about the best brands in the market, and you have Derby, which offers the best deal under $11. Yes, you can get 100 blades for just $9. Derby DE blades are made with care in Sweden and use metals such as chromium ceramic, tungsten, platinum, which add to the durability of these blades. A thin film of these materials is deposited on the blade, with an extra coating of polymer, which helps in getting close shave while minimizing friction at the same time. We recommend Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades for men who have thick hair or sensitive skin. In all likeliness, you will be able to wear use one blade for at least 10 shaves. Did we mention that this brand comes with ISO 9001 certification?

On the flip side: Double Edge safety razor blades from Derby are great, but not as sharp as some of the other options.

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#3.Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Safety Razor Blades.

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If you are a starter and want to shop for the best safety razor blades, Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Safety Razor Blades are for you. These blades use Double edge blade technology for the closest have, and have a PTFE coating, which reduces friction during the shaving process. These are great for straight and butterfly razor handles alike. Each pack contains 100 blades, and yes, you can get a pack of two at a pretty affordable price online. While not same as Derby or Astra, these blades are not bad in terms of performance. We got around 6 to 8 shaves with each blade, and not to forget, these cost less than $21. In short, this is a steal deal.

On the flip side: Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Safety Razor Blades are not ideal for men with coarse or thick growth of hair. This works well for beginners, and those who wish to minimize cuts.

#4. Shark Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades.

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Shark Super Stainless-steel razor blades are ideal for men who want to shave in budget. Each pack contains five blades, which are wrapped adequately in wax paper, and a box of 100 will cost less than $9. These can be used for professional and personal use and are designed to fit all kinds of double edge safety razors. These are one of the aggressive blades in the market, which works well for wet shaving. We did try this blade, and yes, it can cause nicks and cuts, because there is no compromise on sharpness. Keep your alum handy at all times while using this one for the first time. In terms of replacement, we found that each blade lasts for about 6 to 8 shaves.

On the flip side: This might not work for men with extreme sensitive skin. Be careful with those blades – they are sharp, although not lacking in smoothness.

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Some of the other notable brands include EZ BLADE, Personna, Dorco and Feather. We recommend that you check the reviews from other users before selecting a blade. Also, don’t forget to check and comparing the pricing. While double-edge razor blades are ridiculously inexpensive, a little extra homework can help in saving a few bucks. If we had to choose just one, we would recommend Astra, but every man is different, and we allow you to take call. Try the smaller packs to compare the options better.

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